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Our Mission

Our reason for developing this organization was to bring the best youth football program possible to our children and to our community. We believe that children learn fundamentals of life at an early age and that a well ran home, school or even football program can provide them with the skills needed to succeed. We have felt that there was a void and opportunity to improve the overall football experience in Pulaski County and surrounding areas. As we investigated into youth football leagues in the state of Missouri, we found out that most cities have a team that travels and plays all over the state to help the kids develop more. A lot of people don't realize that most kids will not use full potential when going against there friends. So playing kids they don't know allows them to use that potential. In such that we love our children and want to provide the best for them, we strive to improve the existing youth football leagues. Thus we decided to begin to provide a football experience to children that had no opportunity to play football in the Pulaski country and surrounding area. Now in our second year we have had so much interest that we have considered the development of an entire area which provides the highest level of competition at each grade levels from 1st to 5th (ages 6 to 11) to play in the Championship Youth Football League. We believe that this is due to the fact that both children and adults alike have been given the chance to make a difference in their community and that the SW ELITE OZARK WOLVERINES have provided a great organization. Parents and family members have donated time, money, and resources to what they believe to be a great cause. It is because of them THAT THIS PROGRAM WILL BE GREAT! It is our desire that this organization can be great and compete at the highest level. The welfare of the children that participate in this program will be our utmost priority. As an organization we commit ourselves to the development of all the children who play Football inside and outside of our area. We commit ourselves to fostering life long important attributes such as hard work, self discipline, family values, fair play, team play, sportsmanship, and a commitment to excellence in the children who commit to playing football in the program. Each child will be treated equally, with respect, and no special treatment will be given to any child regardless of who he or she is or where he or she comes from. Our children should be recognized in the community, not only as football players, but as outstanding individuals who show respect to all of those they come in contact with. We will pride ourselves on providing the children with the very best in the following: League of play, Coaches, Equipment, Fields, Safety, Preparation, and Training. We will strive to provide the opportunity to play football to all interested children regardless of their financial situation. League of play: As an organization we will always seek the best League in which to play our football teams. In considering what is the “best” league we will take the following into consideration: Organization of the league, Rules and bylaws of the League, opportunity of equal representation in the league including area representation and league representation, Competition of the league, and accessibility of the league.

GO WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SW Elite Ozark Wolverines has only been together for 2 short years.  Over this time we have started to build history and tradition within the sport of football. 
We first played out Tournament in Arkansas taking 3rd Place which was a start to what we have now.  Then we continue to grow and get more kids in our organization and we started playing more and more tournaments and since then we have placed 3rd and 4th.  This year we placed 4th in the Show Me State Tournament will be playing more in the near future.

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